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Box superstructures are often subject to harsh treatments. Therefore, the KRONE Dry Liner is particularly strong and economical. The new Dry Liner is even drier. The stable chassis features diagonal frame reinforcements and rubber buffers at the rear to absorb the shock from the docking impact. Thanks to the KTL immersion lacquering and powder coating (in the ordered color), the chassis does not rust through. Guaranteed. The Dry Liner even possesses a superstructure made of steel with KTL coating. The standard components - from the running gear to the rear lights - can be easily repaired and replaced, thus reducing maintenance costs. The Dry Liner is the professional among the box-type semitrailers.
Dry Liner is as flexible as a box superstructure should be. This semi-trailer can transport (almost) everything. The semi-trailer is available in several variants, in order to make both your business and the Dry Liner go smoothly. All of these variants include practical details, as you are probably expecting from KRONE.

Towing weight: 12.000 Kg;
Maximum permissible axle load: 27.000 Kg;
Total (technically permissible) weight: 39.000 Kg;
Kerb weight: 7.690 – 7.980 Kg;
Payload (technically permissible): approx. 31.020 Kg – approx. 31.310 Kg;
Wheelbase: 1.310 mm;
Front construction height: 100 mm;
Coupling height: 1150 mm;
Usable length: 13.620 mm;
Usable width: 2.480 mm;
Height: 2.725 mm;
Front overhang: 2.040 mm.

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We represent 7 important suppliers that address the three commercial vehicle market segments: transport, construction and municipal segment.

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Established in 2002, CTE TRAILERS currently represents 7 major European manufacturers on the Romanian market of specialized commercial vehicles. Our company provides after-sale services or warranty and post-warranty repairs and sale of original spare parts for all its products.

CTE TRAILERS was founded with the clear intention to be more than an usual distributor: our clients are personally supported and counseled. CTE TRAILERS is loyal to its partners and brings a high degree of flexibility and commitment to the market.


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