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Built for the rigours of everyday use.
The timber range combines technical precision, top craftsmanship and experience from forty years of timber crane construction. Having started out as pioneers, our engineers strive to build the most reliable and safest cranes. Penz, the specialist for timber loading cranes, stands for Austrian quality.
A reach of 9.6 m and a maximum lifting capacity of 257 kNm – those are the hard facts that describe the Z-class. These folding cranes developed by Rochus Penz senior originated in Aichdorf, Upper Styria, and they were the first of their kind anywhere in the world.
Flexible, robust and strong-willed – those are the characteristic features of our timber handling machinery.

– folding cranes, Z class, or non-folding cranes, L class
– safety systems according to EN 12999: HC1/S4/U5
– steel structure, completely welded and treated by annealing without cast iron parts
– base lubricated with high pressure special grease
– interior hoses for gripper and rotator
– the hoses are equipped with splash blockers to enhance safety (in the area of the crane operator)
– leveling mounts controlled from the operator's seat, with both hands, in order to prevent accidental actuation
– column bearing made of durable bronze alloy, with user-friendly lubrication
– stabilizers and height monitoring with visual and acoustic warning in the truck cab
– Fthe hoses are equipped with splash blockers to enhance safety (in the area of the crane operator)
– ergonomic control of the adjustable operator seat (raised seat) with: 2 cross levers and 2 pedals
– 3 LED lights (2 on the secondary boom and 1 on the seat frame)
– user manual, electronic and printed, including spare parts


Penz timber cranes

The range includes:

Timber cranes, Z type

Model Max. reach Max. SWL Lifting moment
4Z 7m 1065 kg 39-41 KNm
6Z/7Zp+ 8,5m 1405/1640 kg 52-64 KNm
9Z/10Zp+ 9,4m 2040/2340 kg 78-91 KNm
12Z/13Zp+ 9,4m 2970/3320 kg 111-130 KNm
15Z/16Zp+ 9,4m 3805/4195 kg 141-161 KNm
17Z/20Zp+ 9,5m 3990/4690 kg 155-187 KNm
25Z/30Zp+ 9,5m 5660/6525 kg 220-257 KNm


Timber cranes, L type

Model Max. reach Max. SWL Lifting moment
4L 6m 910 kg 36 KNm
6L/7Lp+ 9,5m 1500/1680 kg 59-66 KNm
9L/10Lp+ 9,7m 2000/2365 kg 73-93 KNm
12L/13Lp+ 10m 2800/3100 kg 109-126 KNm
15L/16Lp+ 10m 3345/3710 kg 132-151 KNm
17L/20Lp+ 10m 4020/4545 kg 153-179 KNm
25L/30Lp+ 10m 5980/7255 kg 228-284 KNm


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