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Against the backdrop of a sometimes difficult environment in the agricultural machinery and commercial trailer industries, the Krone Group finished the past 2017/2018 financial year (1 Aug 2017 – 31 Jul 2018) with another record turnover of about 2.1 billion euros which marks a significant increase over the previous result (1.9 billion euros). (Read more...)
The 18th edition of the “Health for Villages” campaign was held on Saturday, April 16, in Berceni Commune. No less than 150 local residents have got their state of health checked, from head to toes, without paying for the medical investigations.

Oslo/Werlte, January 2016 – Krone and Bring, the Norwegian logistics operator, have recently concluded an agreement, signed by the Equipment Director, Jan Andersen, for providing curtain semitrailers for the next three years.

Remorcile își unesc destinele la Emsland

Cool Liner equipped with the Krone Telematics Door Protection System proves its usefulness

Immediately after launching its new low platform model MAX510, MAX Trailers, the trailer manufacturer, came with other good news: the 1,000th vehicle rolled off the production line (...)
MAX Trailer is a true success story in the semi-trailers world. The first products in this range have been launched by Faymonville in 2012 and since then the brand has conquered, besides other ranges of the Belgian manufacturer, the European trailer market (...)
The Faymonville manufacturer announced the launch of the MAX510 model. This is part of the MAX Trailer range, the latest brand of the Belgian manufacturer Faymonville (...)
Atlas Gmbh is a pioneer for any use in the field of articulating cranes for trucks, being the inventor of this type of equipment. The product range includes three main classes, with over 50 models of cranes for all customer needs (...)
Faymonville, the Belgian manufacturer, launched a really groundbreaking product last year, the CombiMAX trailer. A unique product on the market, due to its multiple working possibilities, which can be configured by the user depending on the load to be transported. (...)
FX MEILLER GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most reputed superstructure manufacturers in the world, with an experience of over 160 years. Its semi-trailers for construction works are famous for their reliability, much of their endurance being based on the use of great quality materials, but also on the fact that all the key components, such as the tipper cylinders, are produced in its own factories, under very strict control (...)
CTE Trailers is a respected name in the field of commercial vehicles, a company with an impressive equipment portfolio, including top manufacturers like Krone in the field of semi-trailers and trailers for the transport of general cargo, Meiller - tipping superstructures and semi-trailers, Faymonville - trailers for special and oversized transports or Schmidt - equipment for roads, airports and railways maintenance. (...)
CTE Trailers has recently rounded off its commercial vehicles portfolio with an aluminum tipping semi-trailer for grain transport manufactured by Astra Vagoane Arad based on a German project and premium components like BPW axles, Wabco braking system or Hyva tipper cylinder. The partnership between the two companies began in 2013, with the main goal of launching a new Romanian product on our market.(…)
The Cool Liner Duoplex Steel semi-trailer range is such an example, the producer response to the market need for an economical solution for temperature-controlled transport operations. Thus, Cool Liner Duoplex Steel sets itself apart by a very low total operating cost, obtained as a result of Krone innovative thinking on the one hand and the collaboration with renowned components manufacturers on the other hand.(…)
Early last month, during the traditional event preceding the IAA Hanover, Krone announced the taking over in 2013 of the German axle manufacturer gigant and that it would provide this autumn, with gigant's help, its own axle, KTX, part of its development strategy for the forthcoming period. It will be available on demand, initially for standard semitrailers such as Profi Liner, which accounts for about 70% of Krone's total production, and for the future also for Mega Liner and Cool Liner and even for the agricultural equipment from the German manufacturer's portfolio. (…)
Early last month, Faymonville launched at its production center in Büllingen (Belgium) the CombiMAX model, about which the company's representatives say it will revolutionize the logistics and transport of exceptional convoys, because it is very easy to handle and flexible in use, but more affordable than other trailers from the Belgian manufacturer's portfolio and also complies with new European regulations for future limitation of axle weight. The first prototypes are being tested, some by Krone and others by customers, so that in this autumn the series production will begin first in Büllingen and in 2015 in Lentzweiler (Luxembourg).  (…)
Faymonville launched the CombiMAX trailer during an event in Belgium, which offers numerous configuration possibilities and precisely meets a large number of transport needs. Basically, the new CombiMAX can be considered a supplement to several groups of products from the Faymonville portfolio - MegaMAX, MultiMAX, GigaMAX, VarioMAX and ModulMAX.  (…)
Faymonville sets itself apart as one of the strongest and steadiest manufacturers on the market through continuous investment in development of new technologies, but also through the expansion of own production capacities. Faymonville offers five large groups of specialized heavy transport trailers (by virtue of their construction): MegaMAX, MultiMAX, GigaMAX, VarioMAX and ModulMAX, which are currently produced in over 300  (…)
With the taking over of the Faymonville dealership, CTE Trailers is one step closer to achieving the objective of covering, by its portfolio, the whole segment of construction and special transport operations. To meet its clients' demands, which increased this year, the company created a significant stock of Faymonville oversized vehicles with various configurations. Furthermore, after-sales services provided by the company's specialists now offer to Romanian buyers the same quality as in other European countries and the training courses at the manufacturer's headquarters in Belgium play an important role. Thus, complete repair and maintenance works can now be performed in Romania for all Faymonville vehicles.  (…)
Iserlohn/ Osterholz-Scharmbeck, March 1, 2013 The owner of the company, Dr. Johannes F. Kirchhoff, transfers the operational management of the FAUN Group to Patrick Hermanspann (CTO) – Dr. Armin Vogel (CSO) leaves the organization and transfers its responsibilities to Tim Collet.  (…)
In fact, the trailers developed for this transport operation may very well be used for transport of long prefabricated items, such as concrete precast beams for the infrastructure. The Belgian manufacturer Faymonville fully covers the segment of construction and special transport. In Romania, the Faymonville range is available through CTE Trailers, one of the biggest distributors of specialized superstructures on the market. Faymonville builds on demand the whole range of trailers for oversized transport, with payloads from 20 to 10,000 tons. In Romania, the vehicles preferred by local carriers are Multimax trailers with 2 to 10 axles, Megamax with 2-5 axles, Variomax with 2+4, 3+5, preferred for the transport of construction equipment, and also Telemax, for very long items.  (…)
CTE Trailers sold 596 new Krone, Meiller, Faymonville and Faun vehicles in Romania last year, decreasing in some segments and growing in others as compared to 2011. The increased sales were due to the strengthening of certain segments on which CTE increasingly focused over the last years and managed to counteract the substantial decrease of the commercial vehicle market. Thus, the CTE representatives believe that 2012 was a very difficult, but rewarding year, because the company has managed to keep and even strengthen its position on the Romanian market.  (…)
From a small forging workshop in the '60s, the company became the largest Belgian manufacturer of semi-trailers specialized for oversized road transport industry and one of the most respected European leaders. This is the short story of the Faymonville brand ascension, which in 40 years made no compromise in terms of concept, tradition and quality of its products. The company has become an important leader in the construction of semi-trailers, with the aim of offering its customers optimum solutions for oversized transport, regardless of their requirements.  (…)
Late last month, Faymonville launched in Goleniow (Poland) its new brand, MAX Trailer, which includes less specialized, standardized oversized trailers, but with the quality of more complex versions in the company's portfolio and at a competitive price. On the same occasion, the construction of a new hall has begun, a hall dedicated to the production of MAX Trailer models, which will increase the total investment made by Faymonville in Poland since 2005 to EUR 18 million and will enable the production of 600 units of the new model per year.  (…)
Krone Cool Liner semi-trailers are adapted to the strict requirements of temperature-controlled transport. The chassis, the superstructure and the features are robust and well thought. From the air flow flexible channel to the air-tight protection aluminum rails and the rear doors locks made of stainless steel: even the smallest details meet the highest standards in the field.  (…)
In April this year, CTE Trailers added another important name to its portfolio: Faymonville, the Belgian manufacturer of trailers. Thus, CTE Trailers rounds off its portfolio for the Romanian market, fully covering the segment of exceptional construction and transport operations. The importer has an outstanding portfolio, including only first quality brands with worldwide recognition.  (…)
Established in 2002, CTE Trailers is one of the largest distributors of specialized superstructures on the Romanian market. Its portfolio includes commercial vehicles of leading European manufacturers: Krone, Meiller Kipper, Rohr, Faun and Schmidt GmbH. In April this year, the company added to its portfolio the special range of the Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville, thus becoming its official representative for Romania.(…)
Active in Romania for almost 10 years now, CTE Trailers currently represents five major European manufacturers of specialized commercial vehicles on the Romanian market. Moreover, CTE Trailers provides after-sales services or warranty and post-warranty repairs and sale of original spare parts for all its products. (…)
If until recently the term "stowage" was only known by the carriers of dangerous or oversized goods, the new legal amendments require that everybody should document in this regard and train their drivers, especially because the fine is imposed to the company, and not to the driver responsible for anchoring the goods. Fines for poor stowage are very high, so investments in training and freight retaining and anchoring systems might seem reasonable.  (…)
Importers of superstructures have had a better year than 2009 in terms of sold units, but not necessarily in terms of profit, because prices have come, as we know, at a very low level - but they are starting to rise, if they have not already started to rise. As the major carriers transporting general cargo worldwide were the first to recover, curtains were at the forefront of the requests, but there are good markets for (…)
Semi-trailer manufacturers, especially with curtain, have been just as affected by the crisis as the truck manufacturers. Krone did better last year and in 2010, mainly due to the sales of mobile boxes for specific fields and niche markets. In the rest of Europe, the number one problem is getting financing, especially on markets where the number of repossessed semi-trailers is quite large, such as Romania. (…)
CTE Trailers becomes the exclusive importer in Romania and the Republic of Moldova for Meiller-Kipper, the manufacturer of rear tippers, 3-side tippers, tipping semi-trailers for construction works, as well as loading and transport systems for garbage containers. “Becoming the exclusive importer  (…)
“Becoming the exclusive importer of Meiller-Kipper products is a big step not only for us or for our partners, but for the entire industry as well. CTE Trailers has always focused on providing quality services and products, as well as on customer counseling and support. It is our philosophy, the heart of our business.  (…)
Last month, CTE Trailers concluded a commercial representation and after-sales agreement with Meiller Kipper, thus complementing its portfolio of products for the Romanian market, consisting of Krone and Noteboom semi-trailers, Faun street sweepers and Schmidt equipment.  (…)

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Established in 2002, CTE TRAILERS currently represents 7 major European manufacturers on the Romanian market of specialized commercial vehicles. Our company provides after-sale services or warranty and post-warranty repairs and sale of original spare parts for all its products.

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