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Mechanic - Autostrada A1, KM. 23 (Bucureşti- Piteşti)

Responsabilities :

• Works according to the builder’s quality standards and registers his work with the Repair Command, according to the repair norms.
• Informs the reception (through the Head of Service) about any extra repair that is needed, in order to get the client’s approval.
• Fills in the finding sheet with every extra repair operation that may ensue, with the needed extra parts and with full and correct data needed to identify the parts.
• Fills in the Repair Command with the operations he completed after finishing his allocated work.
• Informs the reception (through the Head of Service) about finishing work.
• Keeps the replaced parts to present to the client or to the receptionist.
• Keeps, cleans and sends to the person responsible for warranty all the parts that were replaced and were still covered by the warranty.
• Informs the reception (through the Head of Service) about any problem that may delay the work over its approved deadline.
• Informs the Head of Service of any tool malfunction that can affect work or safety
• Is responsible for the daily maintenance and storage of tools and other equipment
• Is responsible for his own physical and mental health
• Is responsible to wear protective gear when needed.
• Is responsible to maintain his protective gear in a good way
• Respects the instructions and work procedures as they were shown to him.
• Respects the decisions of his superiors;
• Strives to reach both quality and quantity goals;
• Continuously develops his technical abilities and attends all training courses he is required;
• Behaves correctly and decently towards his colleagues and towards the company.
• Maintains his workplace;
• He strictly abides by the company Rules
• Implements SIM policy;
• Applies SIM policies and technical and organizational documents that go with the activity.
• In the event of a fire, he announces his superiors and the intervention crew and actively participates to extinguish the flames.
• Announces all work-related accidents suffered by himself or by his colleagues.
• Attains quality, environmental and security specific objectives under the SIM policies
• Mounts on vehicles all parts specified in the Repair Command – both from the company inventory and brought by customers -, while maintaining quality indicators.
• Keeps replaced parts until the vehicle is delivered
• Maintains the quality of work
• Respects special documents regime
• Follows every direction given by his superiors;
• Respects the current safety;
• Manages the company’s inventory afferent to his activity;
• Keeps a work secret in the international circuit of documents.


• Specialized technical studies Studii tehnice de specialitate;
• Min. 1 year of experience ;
• Availability for long working hours;
• Professional ethics;


• Professional cometency;
• Adaptability;
• Discipline;
• Readiness;
• Initiative;
• Fairness;
• Solid technical knowledges.


• Attractive salary package;
• Food stamps;
• Free medical service + Business Medlife health card;
• Monthly performance bonus.

Work site:

Autostrada A1, KM. 23 (Bucureşti- Piteşti)
Sola 7/3, Parcela 14, 087015 - Bolintin Deal
Jud. Giurgiu, ROMÂNIA

For details, please send an email or call us at +40 727 715 716

Our partners

We represent 7 important suppliers that address the three commercial vehicle market segments: transport, construction and municipal segment.

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About US

Established in 2002, CTE TRAILERS currently represents 7 major European manufacturers on the Romanian market of specialized commercial vehicles. Our company provides after-sale services or warranty and post-warranty repairs and sale of original spare parts for all its products.

CTE TRAILERS was founded with the clear intention to be more than an usual distributor: our clients are personally supported and counseled. CTE TRAILERS is loyal to its partners and brings a high degree of flexibility and commitment to the market.


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  • LocationHeadquarters:
    Romania, Ciorogarla, jud Ilfov, Sos. Bucuresti, nr. 57, 077055
  • LocationWork site:
    Autostrada A1, KM. 23 (Bucureşti- Piteşti), Sola 7/3, Parcela 14, 087015 Bolintin Deal Jud. Giurgiu
  • Phone+40 372 150 808