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Front mounted on utility vehicles or trucks equipped with front coupling plate and Schmidt hydraulic installation for equipment actuation.

The chassis or the multifunction vehicle will be equipped with:
– additional projectors and front signal lights;
– double circuit hydraulic installation with front quick-release couplings;
– 1 beacon on the cab;
– specific reflective marking.

 Field of use:

The Tarron MS is a bladed plough, made of folding steel segments and equipped with a safety system against obstacles.

The plough is used for fast removal of snow (50-60 km/h) from large surfaces as: roads, streets and motorways.

For front mounting on utility vehicles, the chassis must be equipped with quick coupling plate, size 3 or 5 (DIN 76060) and driving from the Schmidt hydraulic system, attached to the vehicle.

Standard equipment:

– quick coupling device with plate size 3 or 5, mounted to the front of the vehicle;
– hydraulic lifting/lowering system;
– hydraulic system for right/left inclination, up to 32°;
– safety system against obstacles; the respective segment is folded and returns to its position due to tensioning springs;
– snow deflector over the entire plough width;
– two struts for storage;
– special anti-corrosion protection and RAL 2011 orange paint;
– user instructions and spare parts catalogue.
The control panel is part of the utility vehicle equipment.
Designed and manufactured according to: DIN 30708, GS, ISO 9001.


– scraper knife, rubber or combi;
– position limiting wheels;
– elastomer snow deflector;
– clearance lights and electric connection.


Type: MS 27.1 MS 30.1
plough width: 2.700 mm 3.000 mm
active width inclined at 32°: 2.290 mm 2.540 mm
number of segments: 3 3
active height (ends/middle): 1.200 mm /1.060 mm 1.200 mm / 1.060 mm
kerb weight: 870 kg 900 kg

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